Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse Case Study

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In reviewing the 2011 Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse, the facts as indicated in the text, reveal that all parties were culpable to some degree. The facts of the case are based on the timeline presented by Crandall, Parnell, & Spillan (2013). On 13 August 2011, in preparation for an outdoor concert at the Indiana State Fair, a performance stage canopy roof, and steel beams collapsed during a thunderstorm causing the eventual deaths of 7 persons and injury of 58 others (Crandall, Parnell, & Spillan, 2013). As records indicate, Fair Officials were advised of the impending storm which was due to hit the area at 2045hrs, approximately 30 minutes from the initial notification. The initial notification was made at 2015hrs. A short time after notification of the storm, the manager for the band Sugarland, who was scheduled to perform, was asked to delay the concert, but officials were advised by the band manager that the concert could not be delayed. At 2030hrs, notification was made to the executive director of the State Fair, Cynthia Hoye and was given a directive by Capstan Brad Weaver of the Indiana State Police to either cancel or delay the start of the concert. Nine minutes later the National Weather Service Issues a severe storm warning for the area and indicated winds associated with the storm could reach up to 60 mph. This information, however, was not disseminated to the fair officials or those responsible…show more content…
In an investigation conducted by Thornton Tomasetti into the cause of the collapse was initiated by the Indiana State Fair. In the firm's conclusion, it was determined that the design of the structure was improperly designed, built, and inspected which left the structure susceptible to winds in excess of
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