Indiana Student Flyer Analysis

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As a group, we felt that the best way to reach out to the community of Indiana Student University is through flyers. We will have various areas where we will post these flyers in order to get the best turnout for our charity drive. The flyer we decided to make is visual and appealing to the eye. Our flyer includes our school's name and the title “Hurricane Relief” which immediately allow those who are reading the flyer to know the topic of our charity drive. We included the date, time, and place that the occasion will be taking place so there is no confusion of the event hours. In addition, there are pictures of some of the items we are hoping to receive from those who are donating to us. However, we did not include a list of the items because we do not want to limit the participation of donators. Some people may not be capable of providing the items we were hoping for, but we still want them to be involved and donate what they can. This is why our caption says, “Everyone can donate, nothing…show more content…
The reason why our logo is a cross because we want it to be obvious that we are working with The American Red Cross. Donors will know that we are not only doing this event for a class but for better reasons. This text on the flyer says, “Indiana State University gives back with a charity drive. All items will be taken to The American Red Cross and given to hurricane victims.” Our ultimate goal is to help as many people as we can. Another quote on the flyer is an inspirational quote by Jim Rohn that says, “One person caring about another represents life’s GREATEST value.” Not only are we wanting to help those individuals impacted by any of the three hurricanes, we also want to help bring the campus together. The following quote implies this goal by saying, “join us, share your voice, and help support victims of the three recent hurricanes. You can inspire and motivate others to get involved and potentially save a
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