Indiana University Southeast 's Future Success

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The marketing audit is presented as a factor of Indiana University Southeast’s future success. The paper will compare Bellarmine, Sullivan, Spalding, Purdue Polytechnic of New Albany, and University of Louisville to Indiana University Southeast. The five universities listed pose as serious competition for Indiana University Southeast. The audit will go into depth on why these five all serve the same target market. The paper presents the results of research conducted through the National Center for Education Statistics and by various college search engines. Based on the research conducted, the audit states the main factors influencing Indiana University Southeast’s future growth and a better retention rate that have an impact on IUS’s progress now. In conclusion, the audit presents findings and conditions that will better help in fixing IUS’S barriers in operating.

I. Competitive Market Analysis
a. Indiana University Southeast has a target market that consists of traditional students that are under the age of 25. These traditional students are mostly coming to IUS straight out of high school. Indiana University Southeast is now expanding their target market again to non-traditional students because of the decreasing high school graduate rate from Clark, Floyd, and Harrison county high schools. Greater Clark County Schools have decreased from 94.4 percent to 92.5 percent. Clarksville has decreased 97.7 percent to 95 percent. West Clark County Schools have decreased 97.7
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