Indianapolis Intervention For Perpetrators Of Sexual Abuse

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Indianapolis Intervention For Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse
Kaelin Dugan

Sexual Abuse Over the years, sexual abuse has been defined and regulated across the United States. Laws and protections have been enforced to protect children from sexual perpetrators. These laws are extremely strict in the United States, but this may not be the case around the world. Although persecution of perpetrators remains a common solution, there are other interventions used to rehabilitate and prevent future acts of sexual abuse. There are interventions and services available to perpetrators in Indianapolis, Indiana. Child abuse in the United States can be defined as “the engaging of child in sexual acts that the child does not understand, to which the child cannot give informed consent or which violate the social taboos of society (Hertherton & Beardsall, 1988).” Based on the understanding of the child sexual abuse, perpetrators of sexual abuse will be referred to as perpetrators and victims of sexual abuse will be referred to as victims. Child sexual abuse occurs in a variety of ways. While women are capable of sexually abusing children, research suggests that men are more likely to abuse (Crosson-Tower, 2014). Because society tends to overlook female perpetrators, these numbers may change in the future. Depending on whether the abuse is intrafamilial are extrafamilial, perpetrators have access to children in different ways.

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