Indians Journey

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We just started to leave Independence rock, I discovered that it's been getting hotter and hotter on the trail towards Oregon. We've had a couple cows die from bad water, and some chickens got crushed by the wheels of my wagon. We all are sunburned from the blazing sun, and we don't have any medication for that besides long sleeve shirts. I'm surprised that we haven't had any Indian attacks yet, I thought those would happen a lot. Hopefully when we do see some Indians, they will be friendly and kind instead of wanting to steal from us and kill us. I'm sure that we will encounter some good and bad ones along the south pass, so we should always be ready since we are very far from any stores or any other people. I have a pistol on the side of…show more content…
Breakfast didn't have to many mosquitoes in them, and rounding up the oxen, chicken, and cows were quite easier than normal. Today is going to be a good day I thought to myself. We were all traveling behind the leader, when he stopped at this bubbling pool of water. He screamed, We're here! I had no clue what here was but I just followed what everyone else was doing. They said we could wash our clothes here and clean up everything, so I did. It was very warm water, and I thought it was boiling but it was just from ancient volcanic activity. All of our clothes were washed and I was right about the good day I was going to have. For some reason I wasn't sore or tired when I woke up, so that led me to believe that I was going to have a good day. We left Soda Spring around lunch time and our next stop was Fort Hall. I heard Fort Hall you can trade things for hats and other types of clothing. When we get there I'm going to buy a hat to keep the sun out of my eyes. I heard you can also buy other things like repair kits and that stuff. We reached Fort Hall at about 6 o'clock at night. We decided to rest for the rest of the day, because there's no point to go out for 2 hours to move on the journey. In the morning we left at 6 because we forgot to wake up, and we left Fort Hall. About a week and a half later we came upon the Three Island Crossing. Now we had to cross the snake river. Our choices were to ride a ferry along the shallow looking river, or float along the river with the wagon and making our animals swim. I talked to Mr. Swanson about this because I didn't want to try and guide my oxen and cow along the river, that just seems outrageous. I finally convinced him to make us take the ferry, because it would be a lot easier and the cost is only $20. We made it across easy with nothing bad happening, and now we are on the other side. I'm afraid one of these days I will accidentally drop
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