India's Cost Advantage For The Indian Railways

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Cost Advantage: The features 9, 10, 14 and 15 provide the enterprise with a definite cost

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advantage. Railways can generate significant cost savings by sending tickets, newsletters, quotes, and other documents via Internet, rather than by post. Most importantly, Railways can save on customer service costs by enabling customers to serve themselves.

Differentiation: The features 1 to 8 put Railways in this category. E-ticketing is a win-win solution for the Indian Railways. It offers them the chance to make considerable savings in both trade terms as well as in invoicing and internal accountancy procedures.

Focus: Features 7, 11, 12 and 13 provide the Railways with the focused market. The e- Commerce
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There is large scope for miscommunication of the information or communication gap due to the higher human interference in the system. This miscommunication may lead to wrong allocation of the track for trains, which ultimately leads to the train collision. The statistics in the developing countries showing that 80% of worst collisions occurred so far is due to either human error or incorrect decision making through miscommunication in signaling and its implementation.

The real time viewing of actual current positions of the trains at various locations is Possible with the continuous tracking of rail traffic with the Geographic Positional System equipment installed in the trains. The latest developments in the GPS technology will give the positional accuracy of nearly 2m. Practically speaking these accuracy levels May not suffice to locate the train on exact particular track on which the train is actually Traveling. But the real time dynamic location information provided by GPS equipment can be utilized as the input for the signaling system to aid as the refinement tool for Decision making in allotment of the track for trains. The scope for the human error can be eliminated by effective utilization of
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