India’s Territorial and Non-Territorial Disputes in her Neighbuorhood List of India’s

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India’s Territorial and Non-Territorial Disputes in her Neighbuorhood

List of India’s Long-Standing Territorial and Non-Territorial Disputes

1. India-China Territorial Disputes
a. Aksai chin
b. Sikkim
c. Arunachal Pradesh

2. India-Pakistan Territorial And Non-Territorial Disputes
a. Kashmir problem
b. Siachen issue
c. Sir creek crisis

3. India-Bangladesh Disputes
a. Border enclaves dispute
b. New Moore/ South Talpatty/ Purbasha island
c. River water dispute

4. India-Sri Lanka Maritime Dispute
a. Khachatheevu Island

5. India-Nepal Border Dispute
a. Kalapani dispute

Territorial Dispute with China
China is India’s largest neighbour with about 2000 km shared land border. At present, a land area of about
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Tibet expressed her disapproval over the Indian move while china maintained silence which was interpreted as China’s implicit acceptance of McMahon Line. After India’s seizure of Tawang, both the countries began to consolidate the territorial gains by building military infrastructure and undertaking surveys. In 1954, an agreement to boost trade and interaction across the Tibetan border was signed, which outlined the guidelines for peaceful co-existence under “Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence”. But the agreement failed to achieve its core goals and both the countries ended up in war in 1962. After the brief military conflict in 1962, bilateral ties remained strained for several decades. China’s construction of military infrastructure like a military post and heli-pad in 1986 and India’s grant of statehood to the eastern sector as the state of Arunachal Pradesh in 1987 further worsened the ties. To date, the border dispute remains unresolved as both countries unwilling change their positions on the disputed areas. The Middle Sector: Sikkim
The border of middle sector is about 450 km long, with around 2,000 km of disputed land. The middle sector stretches from the tri-junction between the Southwestern of Ngari Prefecture, Tibet, La dwags and Punjab to the tri-junction between China, India and Nepal. This sector is also called as Sikkim considered as an
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