Indie Classical Music To Me Sounds Like A More Idealistic

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Indie Classical music to me sounds like a more idealistic variation for classical music’s new age. Classical to me means something that is traditional, from the past, and that has forever impacted someone in one way or another. The phrase “Indie-classical” to me simply sounds like a combination of genres, giving classical music a new variation through the use of collaborations between two different artists. This genre of music has only been increasing with popularity all around the world. Listening to the Indie-music playlist given to us, I came to the conclusion that pop and rock have had the most, and minimalism having little influence on this particular genre. Collaborations between Quartets and orchestral works seem to be more common…show more content…
Through his collaboration and use of the right words in his lyrics he gives us all hope and strength to open up and do what you want to make it happen. Indie Classical music to me is happy music, and gives off a set of very good vibes, the upbeat tempo and the shifting of instruments gets the crowd moving. Just recently i made my way to Flash factory on 7th avenue to an indie classical event that was very underground and something I have never seen before. We see the popularity of this genre is only growing and in a city like New York it is only going to grow more and more due to the diversity we see. 2) Throughout the semester no musical instrument, element or artist caught my attention the way Steve Reich did. Steve Reich was a composer of the postmodernist period, who was one of the key founders of the minimalist school of music. Minimalism is known to be the musical progression based on the repetition of certain prolonged beats, rhythms, and patterns. One of the main reasons why minimalism had such an impact in the postmodernist period was because of the use of electronic styles that produced such short melodic rhythms and harmonies for a longer period of time. One of Steve Reich’s minimalist piece, “Clapping music” is really where his career took off. The entire piece is performed by two artists simultaneously clapping creating a

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