Indigenous Aboriginal And Aboriginal People

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Indigenous Australians are probably descendants of the first modern humans to migrate out of Africa to Asia, roughly 70,000 years ago, arriving in Australia around 50,000 years ago.
There is great diversity among different Indigenous communities and societies in Australia, each with its own unique mixture of cultures, customs and languages. In present-day Australia these groups are further divided into local communities. At the time of initial European settlement, over 250 languages were spoken; it is currently estimated that 120 to 145 of these remain in use, and all but 13 are considered to be endangered. Aboriginal people today mostly speak English, with Aboriginal phrases and words being added to create Australian Aboriginal English (which also has a tangible influence of Indigenous languages in the phonology and grammatical structure).
The broad term Aboriginal Australians includes many regional groups that often identify under names from local Indigenous languages. These include:
• Koori (or Koorie) in New South Wales and Victoria (Victorian Aborigines);
• Ngunnawal in the Australian Capital Territory and surrounding areas of New South Wales;
• Goorie in South East Queensland and some parts of northern New South Wales;
• Murrdi in Southwest and Central Queensland;
• Murri in other parts of Queensland where specific collective names (such as Gorrie or Murrdi) are not used;
• Nyungar in southern Western Australia;
• Yamatji in central Western Australia;
• Wangai in the…
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