Indigenous Australian Histories

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Indigenous Australian Histories

In my opinion, it is vital to teach both Indigenous students and non-Indigenous students the histories of Indigenous Australian. First, I think the history is a fundamental condition for Indigenous students to recognize the country or land. Second, Indigenous students get to know their ancestors’ living habits, laws, the languages they spoken, the food they ate, and many other histories and cultures. They also get to know what culture has been inherited in the twenty first century. Third, they cannot forget the history since European settlement, for example, the gold rush, or stolen generation. As a person from another cultural background, I was being stereotyped to the Indigenous people because they were been
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10). I would like to use the Aboriginal learning techniques as Yunkaporta’s eight ways of learning to help all students learn the Indigenous Australian histories. I can plan and implement a unit of work by using the deconstruct/reconstruct and the non-verbal learning aspects (Yunkaporta, 2009, p. 7), for example, I will introduce the timeline since European settlement to students first, students then require to draw the events that mentioned in the timeline in pictures instead of recording the timeline by words. Consequently, children are learning the Indigenous Australian history knowledge through the teacher’s support and their own meaningful yarns (Yunkaporta, 2009, p. 7). They also learn to understand the history knowledge by using images instead of words. Furthermore, I can plan and implement a unit of work by using the community links aspect, for example, students can share their timeline pictures to community members which help them to connect their learning to local people and collect local viewpoints. In my opinion, teaching Indigenous Australian histories assist non-Indigenous students to think in an Indigenous position. They also understand the different Aboriginal points of view on a range of issues such as reconciliation, social justice and equality
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