Indigenous Australian Women 's Health

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Executive Summary

This report has been produced to evaluate a community-based program known as ‘Waminda’, the South Coast Women’s health and Welfare Aboriginal Corporation, running in the Shoalhaven community. This Indigenous Australian organisation works to address the Indigenous Australian health needs of women in the Shoalhaven area. This report provides insight into the prominent health and welfare issues for Indigenous Australian women and the challenges in accessing the necessary healthcare. The elements of this report include the background where the aims and objectives of Waminda are outlined, a section of literature review on ‘Indigenous Australian women’s health’ where the major health issues Aboriginal women face are analysesd, followed by how Waminda acknowledges these issues and what services they implement in response to the needs of Aboriginal women. This report then evaluates the effective aspects of Wamida in regards to their programs and perspective from Ms Worner, CEO of Wamida, providing personal insight into the benefits of the community organisation.


Throughout Australia there are a number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health programs and initiatives run by the Government. Then there are a community based programs and services, called community controlled organisations where the service is run through the Aboriginal community, “Community Control is a process which allows the local Aboriginal…
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