Indigenous Australians

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Australian aboriginals are a group of people who are deemed to be the indigenous occupants of Australia. The Australian High Court appreciated them to share a common as well as biological ancestry as Australia's original occupants (de Plevitz, & Croft, 2003). There has however been a lot of ignorance with reference to this group of people more so from the Australians. This has mostly been due to ignorance of these people with most arguments and opinions based on myths (Morphy, & Morphy, 1984, p.459-478). Australia has enjoyed over a century since it gained its Federation status from its colonizers, having joined the Commonwealth in 1901 (Le Roy, & Saunders, 2005, pp. 7-9.). Despite this, the status of its…show more content…
To this end, they came up with further recommendations to enhance the reconciliation process amongst them being to abolish all racial discriminative elements that still existed out of the 1901 constitution. They also recommended that a new Preamble be set forth that would recognize the Aboriginal as well as their fellow native tribes as being the original residents of the State. Their final proposal was directed towards the insurance of enactment of legislation that would enshrine processes that would forge forth means of uniting the entire state of Australia by way of agreement or treaty. These treaty or agreement would further ensure the resolving of any issues that detracted reconciliation. All these are clear indications that the Australians failed to relate and know the aboriginal people. Had this been so, there then would have raised no demand for a treaty at the end of reconciliation. The demand has thus made the establishment as well as the operations of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation more or less an irony. This is due to the fact that the same had been in place as a political response to the failed attempts to come up with a proposal treaty. These attempts and enactment of the council had been predeceased by the Bicentenary of European settlement/invasion that was held in 1988. Such lack of recognition has also been reflected by the ignorance and or deliberate attempts to
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