Indigenous Coping Mechanism For Combating Disaster Essay

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Indigenous Coping Mechanism for Combating Disaster in Bangladesh Abstract: The study has been conducted based on broad objective of exploring indigenous coping mechanisms for combating disaster at Koyra upazila of Khulna and Patharghata upazila of Barguna district in Bangladesh. For attaining broad objective the study focuses some important objectives that include revealing indigenous perception about disaster, exploring indigenous coping mechanisms, revealing Governmental and NGOs mechanisms and drawing some suggestions for improving the coping system with disaster. Qualitative research method has been employed in this study. Through purposive sampling 10 respondents have been selected for the study. The findings of the study show that most of the respondents are not well educated and living in house with less security. Almost every year disaster like flood, river bank erosion, cyclone and tidal surge hit in study areas. Community people adopt different indigenous mechanisms for combating disastrous impact. The study indicates that people adopt these mechanisms before and after disaster. They take structural ( repairing embankment, raising homestead platform, construction of road etcetera) and nonstructural (making people aware, tying houses with strong trees, planting disaster resilient trees, taking shelter in cyclone center during disaster, preserving food for future and dissemination of news about imminent disaster etcetera). The promising findings of the study show
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