Indigenous Cultures And Contemporary Realties

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Indigenous Cultures, Histories and Contemporary Realties
Assessment 2: Essay

“In what ways did Indigenous peoples resist the non-Indigenous settlement of Australia in the frontier period and how did non-Indigenous peoples retaliate? In your answer, discuss and analyse the initial and ongoing impact on Indigenous communities.”

Due: 23/09/2014
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During the Frontier period, Indigenous peoples resisted the non-Indigenous settlement of Australia, throughout 1770-1890. During approximately throughout the 1890’s to 1970’s, the non-Indigenous retaliations occurred, resulting in protection, segregation and the stolen generations. Which initiated an ongoing impact on Indigenous communities.
There were many different ways in which Aboriginal people resisted the non-indigenous settlement of Australia. In 1770, James Cook first landed in Botany Bay, which was the home of the Eora People, and claimed the East Coast for Britain.
“If the region were not already possessed by a rival, then a state might acquire it in one of three ways, by persuading the indigenous inhabitants to submit themselves to its overlordship; by purchasing from those inhabitants the right to settle part or parts of it; by unilateral possession, on the basis of first discovery and effective occupation (M. Borch 2001)”.
While Britain did not declare war, they did not adhere to any of these requirements and proceeded to obtain the land as though it were uninhabited. At the…
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