Indigenous Economic, Philosophical, and Innovative Contributions to Canadian Society

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Many individuals still harbor attitudes of racism towards Indigenous People, forcing them into the margins of society. They are painted in a negative light, instead of being recognized for their achievements. Indigenous Peoples have made major contributions to the economy of Canada, in addition to sharing their beliefs and inventions. Aboriginal people are not acknowledged for their substantial contributions to Canadian society, at least not to the degree that is deserved. There is a fair amount of qualitative research written about Indigenous Peoples, so why have their efforts not received merit? Perhaps it is due to contemporary ethnocentric attitudes, but it is quite possible that this ignorance is caused from lack of knowledge on the …show more content…
They facilitated trade between northern hunters, including the Montagnais, and southern agriculturists, such as the Iroquois. They later continued their role as middleman in trade with the Europeans. Aboriginal women played a significant role in the fur trade. Marriages between the Aboriginal women and European men were a way of solidifying alliances between the two trading nations. These women introduced the European traders to their language, culture, and people. As there were no European women residing on the Hudson Bay during the fur trade, Aboriginal women were highly valued for companionship. However they were useful for more than just that; the Aboriginal women were also used as guides and teachers within the fur trade. In addition, through association with the Aboriginal women, many European traders adopted Aboriginal customs and trade habits. The women of the fur trade contributed substantially to the efforts of their Aboriginal and European counterparts. In 1670 a British royal charter was formed, granting an exclusive trade territory to “the Governor and Company of Adventurers of England Trading into Hudson Bay”. This was the formation of the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC). The charter gave the HBC rights to all the land whose rivers drained into the Hudson Bay and the Hudson Strait. The Aboriginal Peoples worked with the HBC in the same way they
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