Indigenous Health

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Indigenous health is a vital tool in health care today. The case study is about an indigenous lady who is from a remote community. This case study will define culture shock, transcultural theory. Finally it will states the recommendations that can be acquired to improve the current indigenous health care issue as it can be noted that the indigenous health tends has been deteoriating.

Culture shock
Culture is all about an individual knowledge based on belief ,art,morals customs.Therefore culture shock occurs when people have different values and beliefs and are not tolerant of each others differences(Eckermann,Dowd,Chong,Nixon,Gray and Johnson,2006.).The separation of important people in
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Germov ( 2009) further explained that the indigenous Australians found it hard to get employment as a result of convicts available for labour. These condition worsened their ability to be in good health. Basically the Australian economic development were based on selfish exploitation of natural resources which was mainly for civilization and maximizing of profit Germov (2009).
The results of dispossession have had a great impact to indigenous Australians. These could be seen today as to why most of them are violent people. They feel the bitterness of what Europeans did to their country .Germov, (2009) explained that Europeans practiced ethnocentrism, meaning they perceived and interpreted the Aboriginal lifestyle as land wasting passive uncivilised and unoccupied .These led to forcibly relocating the Aboriginal people to settle in particular land regions the Aboriginals were subjected to violence and their land forcibly occupied.

Contemporary Health issues Today
Contemporary health issues are various in the indigenous community today. Most of aboriginal Australians living in rural areas hence for from the town Germov,( 2009).In Australia Health care is provided through insurance scheme for instance Medicare and also through the pharmateceutical benefits scheme(BSB) Germov,( 2009).According to Deeble,(cited in Germov 2009) further
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