Indigenous Languages For Urban Alaskans

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I was born and grew up in Ukraine. In 2008 I came to Alaska for the first time as an exchange student. I was fascinated by the richness of traditions and natural beauty of this land. I lived in Alaska for 5 years. As a linguist I quickly became interested in languages and dialects of Alaskan natives and Russian descendants. During that time I was actively researching about the programs aimed at revitalization of indigenous languages for urban Alaskans. I was meeting with Russian old believers living on Kenai Peninsula trying to learn more about my own culture and the history of Russian Orthodox Church.
I have also spent 2 years in Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico where I had a unique opportunity to get familiar with Navajo and Hopi American
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With almost 4 years of teaching and tutoring experience I realized that teaching is an ideal profession to help others to determine and reach their potential.
In 2006 I have entered Cherkassy National University (Ukraine) where I pursued my B. Ed in Linguistics. Throughout my academic career I held two internships with Cherkassy School district. For over six months I was teaching Russian language and literature to the 7th grade students. I was also tutoring in a writing lab, and meeting with my students for a reading club.
During my summer breaks in 2008 and 2009 I participated in student exchange program Work and Travel USA, in order to learn more about the United States and its culture. In 2009 I started teaching Russian language to the international exchange students from the United States and the United Kingdom. At that time I learned a lot about international education and started considering my second degree overseas.
In 2015 I started pursuing my second B.A. degree in International Studies with Philosophy minor at the University of Alaska Anchorage. This degree became a great addition to my work and life experience. It expanded my vision on global issues, taught me to think critically, evaluate and question things, and to be more empathic.
In 2015 during the fall semester I had an opportunity to work with refugee students at the Wendler Middle School in Anchorage. My role as a teacher was to help international students with
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