Indigenous People Apology Analysis

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Apology to Indigenous People
In 2008, Australian government apologized to the indigenous people who are also called Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. The Australian government has confirmed that during 1800 to until 1970, all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families in their respective states were affected by the forced removal of children. There were thousands of indigenous children died by rape and distress they suffered by white man. There were not treated as equally as white children who go to same school. These children never get to see their families once are they bring to the boarding school when they were forced to learn about Christianity. During the 2007 election campaign, the Labor Party leader Kevin Rudd promised a formal apology to Australia’s Aborigines (Anne 2013). The apology involved an offer for a policy to have an equal right between indigenous and non-indigenous people in educational and economic opportunity.
In addition to Australia, Canada also apologized to the Indigenous people. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper delivered an apology to thousands of indigenous people. These were indigenous children who were taken from their families and sent to a Christian school
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With that said, the United States still has not fully apologized for the violence and harassment did to the indigenous people years ago. It is obvious that Australia and Canada officially apologized to the indigenous people for the mistreatment they have done but not the United States. In addition to Australia and Canada, the United States should have to apologize to indigenous people. Even though millions of indigenous people lost their families when the United States took over their land, it is still not too late to apologize for those who are still alive. It might give the native people a little relief in the desolation that they might still have for losing their loved
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