Indigenous People

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Indigenous People Indigenous people are those that are native to an area. Throughout the world, there are many groups or tribes of people that have been taken over by the Europeans in their early conquests throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, by immigrating groups of individuals, and by greedy corporate businesses trying to take their land. The people indigenous to Australia, Brazil and South America, and Hawaii are currently fighting for their rights as people: the rights to own land, to be free from prejudice, and to have their lands protected from society.
Indigenous People of Brazil and South America The people indigenous to Brazil and South America are an extremely noteworthy group. The Brazilian population
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They believe that "Knowledge, vision, courage, and perseverance will change our people into an authentically proud people, and a revived creative world force... We will hold our heads and hearts proudly. We will happily know who we are."
Indigenous People of Australia The Aborigines are an indigenous group from Australia. They were the first human inhabitants of this land. The word Aborigine is actually from Latin language, meaning "from the beginning". The Europeans gave this name to native Australians, but this is not what they call themselves. They prefer to be called Koori (Ponnamperuma). They adapted to their environment well: the people in the colder southeast tended to be short and thick-set which was useful for conserving body heat, and the people in the hot desert were taller and lean. The Aboriginals lived solely by hunting and food gathering. Each group accumulated detailed knowledge of the habits, cycles, and and food values of the plants, insects reptiles, marsupials, and fish
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