Indigenous Population in Australia

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Introduction It is very difficult to define indigenous people. No philosopher has invented a holistic definition of these people of the world. However, they are those people too impoverished in all societies worldwide, reorganized by their respective societies as indigenous natives, are identified with the pre and post colonial continuity, having links with historical kingdoms and live around natural resources with a peculiar political, economic and social set up. Over seventy nations of this world habit indigenous people estimated to be 370 millions. What is so important is that they a rich in cultural archeology, linguistically exorbitant with diverse religions, storytelling, art and traditions. In states where colonial …show more content…
Mental health or disorders Mental and health disorders also give a measure of hospital management for the mentally indigenous people. Statistics show that for the period 2005- 2006, health officials registered a high number of mentally sick patients of this kind in Australia. (Australian institute of Health and welfare and australian Bureau of statistics, 2008, p. P.111). Majority of them had psychoactive problems at 5:3 ratios for both male and female respectively, some of which were self induced. In Canada, the situation is caused by induced and self imposed racial discrimination. For all these reasons, the United Nations argued countries to avoid racial discrimination by promoting equality in the provision of health services and affirmative action in indigenous communities. (United Nations Development Program (UNDP) , 2000, P.10). Life expectancy In Australia, the life expectancy at birth for the males had reduced and health authorities expressed the desire to improve it. Based on statistics for 2005-2007, males’ expectancy was 67.2 years showing a drop by 11.5 years for non indigenous people. For females, the standing is 72.9 years below non indigenous people by 9.7 years. From 1996-2001, the male to female ratio was at59.4:64.8 years. This meant that the Australian government had taken up
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