Indigenous Tribe Of Hunter Gatherers

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Deep within the rainforests of the Manu Provincial Park in Peru resides an indigenous tribe of hunter-gatherers known to us as the Mashco-Piro tribe. This tribe has remained un-contacted by modern culture until recent years and as such, the tribe continues to be a source of interest among anthropologists and civilians alike, for whom the secluded nature and “primitive” culture of these people generates curiosity. The Mashco-Piro tribe has actively avoided contact with non-native individuals, however in recent years there have been a handful of sightings and interactions with the tribe reported, including a video of the tribe released by the Ministry of Environment in Peru as well as photographs of tribe members released by Survival International. With recent sightings and interactions becoming more and more prevalent many different issues arise, and precautions must be taken. Following this, the Peruvian government has banned any contact with the Mashco-Piro people as they may come into contact with bacteria and diseases for which they have not built up immunity. Further, issues regarding the preservation of culture have also been brought to light in that any interaction with the tribe allows for influences from our culture to make their way into their own. As they have in the past actively sought to avoid such situations, it would be negligent to press such circumstances upon them. A specific photograph of the Mashco-Piro tribe will be the focus of this text and as such
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