Indigenous or English? Essay

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4. Many young Africans no longer speak the original language of their parents and many African languages are dying out slowly and/or are being replaced by English or other European languages. Do you think it necessary to preserve our indigenous languages or should we solely promote English? Tell us your opinion about this question and what are the advantages of the choice you made and the disadvantages of the choice you rejected. In Africa, language defines who we are and today, there exist over 1,400 languages of which most of them are dying gradually. Personally, I do not think the question should be asked but we all have to be practical concerning this issue. Majority of the African citizens including myself would not want their…show more content…
In Nigeria today, there are disagreements and quarrels among people with different languages. There was a time in the Eastern part of Nigeria when only Ibo’s were allowed to pass a particular road out and if you are not Ibo, they will kill you or do something to hurt you. Having English as our only language will foster peace because we will have the knowledge that we are one in the sense that we all have a common language. Furthermore if there is a peaceful co-existence because we all have English as a common language, it would lead to economic growth. If we all in Nigeria should come and work together as a result of English language bringing us together, the economic growth of the country will improve because we all will be striving for one thing unlike now when we have different languages and not everybody would like to work together. Communication plays a very vital role in the today’s business global challenge and the English language serves as a pivotal force in bridging barriers in communication which can make international relations. Of the thousands of business transactions around the world in a given day, English dominates the frontline. It will be a great advantage to us in the global business world if we accept English as our language. As for the disadvantage of us still having our indigenous African languages, it brings about unnecessary hatred among people with different languages. In Nigeria we have
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