Indira Gandhi, Former Prime Minister of India: A Hero to the Indian Nation

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The concept of heroes in the daily life of an ordinary man is ancient. The first known use of this word was back in the 14th century. A hero is generally a person who displays extraordinary bravery and readiness for self-sacrifice, and is therefore praised by all. In almost all cultures, a hero is a symbol of strength, courage, nobility and selflessness. The list of qualities of a hero does not end here; a hero also has to be intelligent, daring, self-reliant for the most part, resistant in the face of hardships and must have the will to try where others do not. In ancient Greek culture, a hero was usually a demigod with supernatural powers charged with the duty of completing extremely difficult and dangerous tasks, examples being Achilles, Perseus and Hercules. In Egyptian mythology, the Gods and Goddesses were the heroes as were some humans, like Queen Cleopatra. In ancient Indian literature, figures from folklore are considered heroes, like Birbal, Majnu and Ranjha. A hero can also simply be someone who has achieved what one cannot, or what one hopes to achieve. In this way, Indira Gandhi, former prime minister of India, was a hero to the Indian nation. In the eyes of many Indians, she was a role model for women everywhere, and for the Third World countries. She was an epitome of decisiveness, commitment, strong will and determination. Being a female, which is considered the weaker gender, she still was the head of the world's most populous democracy for more than a

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