Indirect: A Fictional Narrative

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“AHH!” I screamed. I was at Lazer Tag with my friends when I had suddenly fallen on the ramp. A little kid was chasing me down the ramp and I was running back trying to make sure that he didn’t shoot me. That’s when suddenly I had misplaced my foot and fell down at least 3 feet and landed on my wrist. “AGH”, I tried so hard not to cry but tears raced down my face faster than Usain Bolt. Before I even knew it, a bunch of people crowds around like it was a crime scene. I then left the area with a group of concerned people by my side. That’s when my mom chimes in, “ARE YOU OKAY!?” my mom yelled with concern. “Yes I’m fine can we just go home?” I sniffled as I tried to hold back my tears. The employees offered me some type of pill and…show more content…
I tried to tune her out by watching T.v. but that couldn’t stop her. A few minutes after my mom’s rant the doctor came. He asked what happened and a few other questions then sent me off with another nurse to get an x-ray of my wrist. She leads me to a room with one small light shining against a table with a big camera connected to the ceiling with one little chair beside it. I sat in the chair and then placed my wrist sideways on the table. I tried to be gentle as possible. The nurse took some snapshots then took me back to the room again. The doctor then came in with a long bandage and a splint to wrap around my arm. While wrapping my arm the nurse explained what had happened to my wrist. “Um, well, it seems you have fractured 2 bones in your wrist, just wear this and you will be just fine.” After hearing that information I felt devastated knowing that my birthday party was tomorrow. After hearing the depressing news, we gave our thanks and left. When we left, my mom didn’t say a single word along the way. Which meant I was going to have a long talk about the hospital bill when we get home. Ever since that happened, I will never go to Lazer Tag
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