Indirect Advertisement Analysis

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Advertising: If you post and IP Address on Opcraft you will be banned not related to Opcraft or related to Opcraft still ban Example: thats Opcraft with 2 ff's. The punishment is a Perm-IP Ban with. It would be a really hard to get unbanned if you make an appeal. Indirect Advertising: Indirect Advertising are links in-game like a youtube channel but has no videos on Opcraft but has videos on a whole different server. If it does not involve Opcraft (Only media) I would mute the person for Advertisment or Ads. It will result in a Perm-mute unless you buy an unmute. Mute Evasion: If you have been muted and you are still muted. If you are using other ways to talk in chat you will be banned for 15minutes for Mute Evasion. Only manager and above can tempban the person for…show more content…
I will foward it to a higher staff. Server Drama: Server Drama is like causing Drama and trouble on forums or in-game saying like demote this staff member and people just start arguing if the person should be demoted. The person who started it would probably get blacklisted in-game and on forums. Server Drama causing a rumor around the server and it just isn't true but people think it is that is an Example of Server Drama. Purchase Trolling: So I bought Exotic rank and this is the rank I currently have and someone buys me VIP or MVP or something around there. I have lost the rank I had currently had. The person who did would get Blacklisted from the BuyCraft. I would report this incident to an Operator+ to handle it from there. Hacking: Helpers are really there to be catching hackers they are the people moderatoring chat etc. If I do catch a hacker and Im helper I will just record and give the video to higher staff to Ban them for Hacked Client. I would give the staff the link and there the hacker will be
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