Indivdual Cultural Framework

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It is imperative that during the interview process, the social worker is cognizant of both the details provided by the client and, the client’s cultural background. This knowledge can then be incorporated by the social worker into the helping process (Murphy & Dillon, 2011a). This paper will examine cultural worldviews discussed during an interview with Jamie, a fellow University of Washington BASW cohort member. This will be accomplished by addressing the information Jamie offered about herself during a 45-minute recorded interview in which her early cultural experiences and worldview were discussed. Secondly, my internal and external reactions to Jamie’s cultural experience shared during the interview will be analyzed. Similarities and differences between Jamie and myself will be identified, and finally a discussion of my cultural awareness, pre- and post-interview, in regards to Jamie’s upbringing will be examined.
Family Background Jamie is a 27-year-old female. She spoke affectionately of her relationship with her boyfriend of 10 years and identified him as a strong support throughout her adolescence and adulthood. They currently live together in Renton, Washington, in her father’s home. Jamie is the oldest of two siblings and was born in a small town in Idaho. Shortly after giving birth to Jamie’s little sister, their mother was diagnosed…
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