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CanGo Analysis Report
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Overview In 1996, a young college student name Elizabeth decided to start a company. This company was born from her love of music and reading. Liz started her business out of a spare bedroom in her apartment. CanGo initially started selling books. After some time, CanGo expanded its operations to include CDs, DVDs, and audio and video tapes and customized MP3 players. (Kingston, 1999). CanGo target customers who enjoy online entertainment and games with the majority of their customers being Gen-Xers and Gen-Yers. CanGo values its employees and customers and strive to keep employees involved in the decision making policies. CanGo motto is to keep the
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* Liz and her staff identify time periods for evaluating whether short term objectives and long term goals are being achieved through their chosen strategy. * If evaluation process reveals that CanGo objectives and goals are not being achieved, then the strategic management process is reviewed and necessary revisions. In video episode 2, Liz speech to the Hudson Valley Business Association, she did not address the how CanGo became successful. Her speech was weak at best and did not address the keys to success. In an audience of her peers, Liz lack of knowledge about CanGo success may have exposed the company’s weaknesses to its competition. While Liz speech left a lot to be desired, she openly discussed these weaknesses with a co-worker. This is a credit to her because she is willing to accept constructive criticism. In video episode 3, Liz calls a meeting with her staff to discuss ideas for a new market: online gaming. Andrew is excited about the new endeavor and shares his excitement with the other staff members. During the meeting, Andrew is bombarded with questions such as what type of games should be offered, are additional personnel needed and what costs will be associated with this new venture. Of course, Andrew does not know the answer to these questions but he attempted to answer the personnel question. Andrew stated that he planned
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