Individual Analysis Paper on Organizational Behaviour

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Individual Analysis Paper Albert Sherman September 30, 2011 MGMT 320-52 Robert J. Niemi, Ph. D 1. What is the brief history of the company and its line of business is it involved in? Background/History: The field of Social Services happens to be one of the many areas in the State of Minnesota that provide serves to people with Developmental Disabilities and also mental health/behavioral. It can be further complicated by the overwhelming number of service options, multiple home care companies and other people’s opinions of what’s best. Seeing the need to serve these people Jamie Fenh was move to establish a company that will meet the needs of these people. Thereby in 2003 Pinnacle Services (PS) was founded to be a part…show more content…
Thereby, allowing them to maximum productivity in the rendering of care for their consumers. These enthusiastic employees become a part of the team that yields efficiency and output. We offer a great benefits package including: That affect the lives of the people they serve According to the adaptive perspective of organizational culture, organizations must be ready and willing to adapt to the ever-changing and evolving environment. This type of perspective shows that employees working within a successful adaptive culture support each other, are trusting of each other, and truly strive for the betterment of the organization. Nothing could be truer of the culture at SWA. This �chip-in� attitude is found to be one that promotes a feeling of confidence in the organization and an expectancy of its long-term continued success. Pinnacle Services focuses on providing only what is necessary to promote the dignity of independence….Read More The people we serve are capable, dependable and enthusiastic members of the workforce. Our philosophy is to support individuals only as much as they require and to teach them the skills necessary to obtain and maintain community employment….Read More Careers Pinnacle Services is dedicated to providing high quality services to people with disabilities. We believe that our employees are the most
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