Individual And Group Behaviour Management Of Employees

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Individual and group behaviour management of employees Task 1 Organisational structure and culture Organisations have different structures and cultures according to their needs to achieve their goals and objectives. Functional Structure Functional structure is made up so that each part of the organisation is grouped according to its purpose. There may be several different departments such as, marketing department, a sales department and a production department. Each department could have their own director. The functional structure fits very well for small or medium organisations. On the other hand, there are some advantages and disadvantages. In functional structure coordination and communication between departments can be restricted by the organizational boundaries of having the various departments working separately. Whereas communication flows well within the same department. This type of structure can work in a stable business environment where quality is maintained and checked on regular basis. Divisional Structure Divisonal structure is quite different from functional structure because it does not believe in grouping people with similar skills into different department.They can use them in any other organisation where ever they might be needed, lets have an example of divisional structure if a retail outlet has branches in different cities then every city will have a separate customer sales department rather than having a single department for the whole
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