Individual Assessment Cover Sheet / Plagiarism Declaration Form

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Individual Assessment Cover Sheet / Plagiarism Declaration Form This form must be completed and included with each assessment you submit for marking to the School. Although this assessment is submitted electronically, you must still complete and include this form with your assessment. Student Number: 201413649 Unit Code No.: MHE613 Unit Title: Conventions Management Assessment No.: 3 Lecturer: Ms Rajka Presbury Submission Date: 25th March, 2016 Declaration: I have read the School’s Policy on Plagiarism and Improper Conduct and all the materials pertaining to plagiarism. I declare that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, this assessment is my own work, all sources have been properly acknowledged, and the assessment contains no plagiarism. I further declare that I have not previously submitted this work or any version of it for assessment in any other unit or award offered by the School, or any other institution, without first ensuring that an explicit provision has been made and that I have obtained written permission from the Deputy Head of School for doing so. (Documentation supporting this provision MUST be attached.) I have submitted this assessment to and I am aware that the School may act upon the Turnitin result, to determine whether an incident of plagiarism has occurred. You will be deemed, in effect, to have signed this form when you hit the ‘Send’ or ‘Submit’ button to submit your assessment for marking.

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