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B Sc (IM) Assignment Cover Sheet

Programme: B Sc (IM)

Year of Study: 2nd / 3rd *

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In this report, a case about Managing Knowledge and Learning at NASA and the

Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) will be analyzed. First, the key issues emerged in NASA will

be identified. Then two KM theories will be introduced and followed with a set of


2 Case Analysis

At present, NASA is facing the challenges of losing experienced staff and reducing budget.

As a research organization, both human and financial resources are the vast properties to

sustain the organization’s performance. In the following part, five key issues discovered in

this case will be discussed.

Key issue 1: Retirement of the experienced staff

Start from 2006, there are half of NASA’s entire workforce will be eligible for retirement. Most

of them are the significant experienced project managers who worked on Apollo and built the

first space shuttle. The problem of losing these successful and experienced people would

lead to the loss of knowledge as well as the ability of balancing risk management and cost.

Case study 1 26 May 2007
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Key issue 2: Reduce the risk of

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