Individual Assignment: Strategic Plan

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Individual Assignment: Strategic Plan, Part II: SWOT Analysis Introduction SWOT Analysis is a structured planning technique used to analyze a company's internal and external environment in a view to assess its current operational capabilities and market standing (Lancaster & Withey, 2007). The internal environment shows the company's strengths and weaknesses whereas external environment entails the potential threats and opportunities which the company may face in the normal course of its business (Kotler, Brown, Burton, Deans, & Armstrong, 2010). SWOT Analysis helps a company in assessing which factors from its internal and external environment are in favor or against its business strategies. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the internal and external environment of a proposed business entity "We Do Your Proposal" by identifying its distinctive capabilities, weaknesses, issues, opportunities, and circumstances which are the part of its business environment. It also presents respective hypothesis for every issue and some possible research questions which can be used for market research. SWOT Analysis for "We Do Your Proposal" 1. Internal Forces and Trends Considerations: A. Strengths: The biggest strength of We Do Your Proposal is the lack of an intense competition in the market. There is only one company in the region which offers the same services as We Do Your Proposal. The company can built a strong brand image in its industry by offering the most
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