Individual Assignment for International Hrm Elements of the Module

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HRM: Apple Apple Inc. is an American international corporation that designs and markets consumer electronics, personal computers and computer software. Apple has a globally recognised logo known as the “bitten apple”. In an international work space setting the employers in the organisation may reflect their own culture and experience backgrounds this shows the importance and effectiveness of human resources management in an international company. “The functions of an HR professional should focus on the company’s greatest resource of all – its employees. Without good employees, the best business plan and ideas will fail.” ( This assignment will show how Apple uses the human resource department on an…show more content…
If an employee is late three times in six months there can be prepercussions. I personnally think that Apple’s management style has paid off because its one of the most successful international business in the world today. While google and microsoft promote openess and strive to make employees happy, Apple is incredibly secretive and most employees lived in fears of jobs but it worked. Steve Jobs autocratic management approach works for Apple because of their cult status in the technology world.

Apple globally offers employees the opportunity to benefit in other ways. ·an on-going 10% discount on anything in the store ·a once-per-year 25% discount on a complete system ·three discounts for friends and family per year of 15% off a complete system ·deals on product models Apple is discontinuing prior to new product introductions, and overstocked items before the end of each quarter ·occasional employee discounts or rebates on third-part products ·a quarterly bonus if the store achieves its sales quota, $500 for part-time and $1,000 for full-time employees

However, only full-time employees receive FlexBenefits package that include health insurance options.
Like other employees in retail, Apple staffers are encouraged through incentives and performance reviews to sell, sell, sell. One aspect of the sales requirements is pressure to meet certain attachment rates. That is, sell one computer, and also sell one
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