Essay on Individual Assignment for Week Five

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Individual Assignment for Week Five

Individual Assignment for Week Five

Problem one in Chapter11 Define the appropriate target population and the sampling frame in each of the following situations: a. The manufacturer of a new cereal brand wants to conduct in-home product usage tests in Chicago. The appropriate target population is defined as follows Elements: male or female head of the
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Sampling units: person Extent: Atlanta Time: 2012 The sampling frame could be an association directory listing the organization in Atlanta. Problem two in Chapter11 A manufacturer would like to survey users to determine the demand potential for a new power press. The new press has a capacity of 500 tons and costs 225.000 €. It is used for form in products from light- and heavyweight steel and can be used by automobile, construction equipment, and major appliance manufacturers. a. Identify the population and sampling frame that could be used. Elements: organizations that have a manufacturing process of firming products from lightweight and heavyweight steel. Sampling units: organizations Extent: local area Time: 2012 Sampling frame: a city directory b. Describe how a simpler and random sample can be drawn using the identified sampling frame. To draw a simple random sample can be drawn using sampling frame in each organizations is assignment a unique identification number. Then, random numbers are generated to determine which organizations to include in the sample. If we want to choose 100 organizations, we just need select 100 from the sampling frame containing many organizations. c. Could a
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