Individual Assignment on Organizational Leadership and Team Design

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Individual Assignment: Organization Leadership & Team Design Leadership and team design are critical components in the modern organization operations and maximization of the employees towards the achievement of effective and efficient results and targets. This relates to the achievement or realization of competitive advantage within the industry or market of operation (Parker 2008). Various organizations and entities adopt and integrate unique team development and organization leadership models for the purposes of maximization of the available opportunities. This relates to the culture, beliefs, and values of the organization towards pursuing valuable goals and objective. Human resource management and development continues to the main aspect towards maximization of the organizations' output. There is increment in the belief of the output of the teamwork rather than individualism in the pursuit of the organizational goals and objectives. The main objective of this research exercise is to determine diverse approach to the team development or design in comparison to the Tuckman's Model of Group development. The personal discussion sought to discuss or address two vital questions in relation to organization building and team design. The first question sought to address ways in which a leader can maximize or utilize teams to change the beliefs, values, and attitudes thus achievement of competitive advantage for transformation of its operations. In addressing this question, the

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