Individual Assurance of Learning Excercise 1 Essay

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Individual Assignment - D02-IALE1-Johnson 1. Assurance of Learning Exercise 1A, Step 4, page 37 Strengths: 1: Highly successful and recognized worldwide (Ronald McDonald and the Golden Arch) 2: Strongest Brand Image as the number-1 fast-food company by sales, with more than 32,478 restaurants in 117 countries. 3: Consistently solid financial performance. * Sales revenue up 3.8% in 2009, global comparable sales up 6.9%. * Net income up 9% from 2008. Weakness: 1: 80% of restaurants are franchise owned, placing image and reputation in other’s hands. 2: Not in sync with health and lifestyle 3: Struggles with fluctuations in operating and net profits: * Operating profits $4,433M (2006), $3,879M (2007), $6443M (2008).…show more content…
2: Liberty has an opportunity to expand its use of classroom instruction to incorporate the Christian worldview into all courses. 3: Participation in learning activities increased from 38% of those in the population age 18 or older in 1991 to 50% in 1999. 4: The University can expand its market by offering more traditional and distance courses for all ages of students, particularly those beyond the traditional college age of 18-21 years. 5: Technology in the Distance Learning Program (DLP) could be particularly effective in Liberty’s University’s mission of reaching the world for Christ. Threats: 1: Funding sources are needed to maintain success and growth. 2: Dramatic business growth creates data upsurge 3: Need for better security and transportation 4: Terrorism 5: Becoming more worldly as the University grows 4. Assurance of Learning Exercise 1D, Steps 1-2, page 38 (Note: Please replace the use of " SMCO", in the assignment instructions, with the use of or Standard and Poor's. Standard and Poor's can be accessed via LU's Online Library.) Standard and Poor’s has been up and running since 1916. It has been helping investors and creditors analyze the credit risk that one is taking. (Standard 2011) The changes in credit

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