Individual Case Analysis And Presentation

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1. Individual Case Analysis and Presentation

2. Introduction

This chapter focuses on the individual case analysis of the Internationalisation process of the four case firms under investigation in this thesis. The individual case firm’s analysis is divided into three main sections, namely - the general overview of the case firms’ specific business sectors, the firm background and domestic expansion process and international expansion.

Drawing from multiple data sources coupled with semi-structure in-depth interviews as primary qualitative data source and supported by secondary data from both (published and unpublished) sources, namely - the organisations, private documents, annual reports, financial reports, documents and data from public domain, databases, aggregated data, statistics and reports from Central Bank of Nigeria, National Bureau of Statistics, National investment promotion commission, UNCTAD, World bank, Africa Development Bank. The interview was conducted with individual in strategic positions within the case companies. The fieldwork and data collection took place between December 2014 and April 2016 in London (UK), Abuja, Lagos, and Owerri Nigeria. A case study design is adopted in this thesis because of the contemporary nature of the phenomenon under investigation. Also, a case study research provides the platform for theory development and expansion, especially in an area of new research topic whereby a fresh perspective and insight is required…
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