Individual Case Analysis: Wawa

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Patty Kowal
Managing Technological Innovation
MGMT 602
July 23, 2010

Individual Case Analysis – Wawa

1. What was Wawa’s technology strategy?
Wawa’s technology strategy involved several things. First, and most important, is that Wawa continued to change with the times and used some of the best technology available at the time.

When they saw that home delivered milk was coming to an end they changed their operations. They saw that trends during the 60’s were changing the way people shopped. Many households were becoming 2 income families and this meant there was less time for errands. People wanted things quickly and conveniently. There was also a growth of supermarkets which would certainly be taking away their milk
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Wawa’s strategy has changed the c-store industry, the industry needs to stay on top of the latest information technology and find ways to use it to keep their operations on the cutting edge. 5. What implications do Internet, mobile computing devices, and “green” concerns have for Wawa’s overall technology strategy.
All of these items have a huge impact on Wawa’s overall technology strategy. Wawa should take advantage of the Internet as it continues to advance in order to streamline operations and save money. New programs are developed constantly. New ideas should be evaluated on a continuing basis. Wawa should have IT personnel who are constantly be looking at the future and brainstorming on how new IT functions can help them. Mobile computing devices are booming now and there seems to be an “app” for everything. Wawa needs to join the bandwagon and use these “apps” to their advantage, for advertising purposes and for customer convenience. What if they had an “app” for customers how are on the road to find the closest Wawa while traveling and then to preorder and prepay for everything they are going to purchase when they arrive, and to have someone bring it out to the car! Many companies are starting programs like this and the ones that are ahead of the game are the ones that will succeed. I personally already use this
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