Individual Case Study Report : Fedex

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Individual Case Study Report: FedEx
Delivering goods such as gifts, files, and documents has always been essential for businesses and personal purposes. Before internet marketing and technological innovations, sending parcels to another location wasn 't so simple. However now days, there is a constant increase of internet users which according to The World Bank, around 38.1 billion people surf on the cyberspace. This boosts online shopping and services increasing companies to aim to send their products to different places. Because sending packages, nationally or internationally, have been a consumption of great time and money, both enterprises and clients hope for faster and affordable ways which lead to the popularity of courier services. One of the biggest courier services in the world is Federal Express, known as FedEx, created to please all types of customers through reliability and commodity which is a great example of entrepreneurship.
What is FedEx and how did it start- mention entrepreneurship
Federal Express, the world 's largest express transportation company, was founded by Frederick Wallace Smith in 1971 (Trefis).Frederick Smith identified the necessity to improve the shipping method of packages which "provides customers and business worldwide with a broad portfolio of transportation, e-commerce and business services” better than the government postal department. As the FedEx website states, Smith created the company “for the purpose of expanding access…

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