Individual Communications

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Individual Communications Journal Entry 3 The way individuals communicate with one another in the workplace in the digital age is very important - and it always seems to be changing. There are many ways to "talk" to one another and three of the most commonly used today, in the field of electronic media in the workplace, are email, social media interaction, and video chat (or video conferencing). Email has been around for years now, and often people who work in the same company or even the same department will send an email rather than getting up from their desks to go and talk to one another. It is easier and faster, and it also provides a written record of what was discussed, in case there are questions or discrepancies later (Hilbert & Lopez, 2011). Social media interaction is much less formal, but it can still be used to work with business colleagues and keep up with others who are far away. Video chat is becoming increasingly popular, since that allows people in another city or halfway around the world to both see and hear what a businessperson has to say. This can be valuable and even instrumental in discussing new products and services between companies or between a company and potential clients (Stallings, 2004). Each one of the aforementioned communication tools has advantages and disadvantages that are important to consider before making a decision on what will be used. Email is very common, and the "bugs" have been worked out of it (Stallings, 2004). There
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