Individual Differences Among People Are What Defines The Boundaries Of Personality

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Individual differences among people are what defines the boundaries of personality. Personality psychology discusses emotionality with general focuses on its involvement with the emotional mind and its portrayal in the outside world. According to the literature, emotionality includes a variety of contexts, almost exclusively referring to the social relationships and maturation of children and adolescents. Often in the discussions on emotionality, there is a connection to the Big Five trait, neuroticism. In this account, a comparative approach to both the biological perspective and the evolutionary perspective will be assessed, as well as an evaluation of the trait evident in my personal life. Ultimately, the intent of this report is to adequately define the trait and its relevance to personality psychology, while also mentioning the theoretical and empirical literature of the development of the trait in individuals. It will also discuss the maturation of the trait within myself and its connection to the biological and evolutionary perspectives in respect to the views and applications of the trait currently in use in the field of psychology.

Trait Definition As with many terms in the field of psychology, the operational definition for emotionality is unclear, yet there are many themes that have expressed a general consensus for the trait. Some definitions propose a connection of emotionality with arousal. Others have determined that it is the
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