Individual Differences Involving Teachers and Students on Social Networking Sites

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Running head: INDIVIDUAL DIFFEENCES INVOLVING STUDENT AND TEACHERS INDIVIDUAL DIFFEENCES INVOLVING TEACHERS AND STUDENT ON SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES Rosie Davis South University Dr. Zerilli Abstract In today’s society lines are being blurred as to what is acceptable and what is not. I feel that no matter how advanced we as a whole become, it is never acceptable for a teacher to be anything other than a mentor and a guide to a student. Therefore, my theory is that a teacher will not accept advances from a student offering friendship on social media sites. According to multiple rating sites, Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are found around the world by…show more content…
However, when the teachers didn’t have Facebook or Twitter they had to resort to the old fashioned way: in class assignments, face-to-face interactions, or email which was just effective. If it gets to a point when a student or teacher are lacking and needing sufficient info that they can’t solve the old fashion way, then you can really get old school by having a student / teacher conferences. It has and will always be effective than networking sites. Socializing skills are best learned in real life. When I asked another colleague of mines on her opinion on student and teachers being friends on Facebook and Twitter she stated; “I definitely do not like it because my daughter posted something on Facebook in regards of her and her boyfriend getting into an argument and that she was breaking up with him. The next day the when she got to class her teacher came up to her and asked her was she alright and that she would find another boyfriend soon”. My daughter was stunned and ashamed at the same time. And that caused her not to post anything personal on her page again. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have been created to allow open lines of communication between family and friends. They are networks that allow people to share personal information, photos, and much more. They also allow you to open up your feelings and concerns to different friends and family and your
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