Individual Education Plans For Every Student Essay

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- What is the problem and what is you advocating for?
I want to see individual education plans for every student.
-How does it affect people?
I will give an equal opportunity for every student to succeed in school.
- What is the need in the community?
Pasadena is a very diverse city, full of every walk of life, from the very rich to the very poor and everyone in between. You have children that are first generation English speakers; you have parents who have children that need extra help in school. We need to help every child in our community to be the best they can be with the resources to help them.
-What is the evidence of the need?
Students fall though the cracks of the public school system everyday. You think the over population of the city jail is just filled with murders and bank robbers? No, the majority is petty crimes and repeated offenders.
-Who is responsible?
Everyone is. The parents, given the opportunity and the resources will advocate for the child. The school district for making it easily available for the parents, and for the teachers to have the knowledge of spotting a student is behind or might learn different and helping them to receive the appropriate services.
-Goals and objective for your advocacy proposal I want to see every child with an IEP. I want to see every child have the same advantages as those children who attend private and privileged schools. I want to see every child succeed and become productive people
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