Essay about Individual Ethics

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Individual Ethics

Ethics are values based on each individual’s environment. They are instilled in your being by parents, grandparents, friends and culture. Ethics are a vital part of society by showing others that we are different and not only by physical appearance. Below are my ratings of each ethical style.
In the two scenarios there are instances of a strong duty-based ethics. I rated myself a three in this area. In scenario one, Donna is a very controlling person; I do not see myself as controlling. I do like structure; however, I know that in society you have to give a little in your views to make progress towards the group goal. Stephanie, in scenario two does not like to lie, however sometimes you
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I would rate myself as 3 in this ethic type. I would do what is right by helping the team but sometimes you have to take care of yourself before helping anyone else. Darcie was trying to help the team by sticking with the class; however she was hurting herself by staying and not dropping the class.
My personal beliefs to me are mine and mine alone. I do not force my beliefs on anyone else, and therefore do not feel anyone should force theirs on me. In the scenarios for rights-based ethics, the first one was a little sensitive to me. Jerry and Samantha both agreed that the local group had no right to pull the video from the shelf. They believed that people have the right to make up their own minds about the film and therefore have the choice to view the film. I strongly agree with their argument. I do not appreciate it when someone tries to make up my mind for me. I am an intelligent person who knows right from wrong and I am perfectly capable of making a decision without the help of society. I would rate myself a four due to my strong moral beliefs.
Human-nature ethics, in my opinion are the most interesting of all. These are the most volatile because you have the good versus the bad. In the first scenario, Karen believed she was right and that she would not get caught for plagiarism. Her ego led her to believe she would get the grade she deserved and that the instructor would not recognize that she
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