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This semester at NPC, the American Literature class was asked to write an essay about the members of their individual groups. In this group, group 3, there are three exceptional students who are all great to be around and converse with. Their names are Eric Whitbey, Eric Scott, and Morgan Fournier. This essay is a description of what each of these individuals’ hobbies, accomplishments, and goals are. Eric Whitbey, Eric Scott, and Morgan Fournier all have a variety of interests and goals set for themselves. The first member of the group is Eric Whitney. Eric is someone who loves his kids and has high goals. Eric's hobbies include playing with his kids and video games. Eric's kids mean a lot to him. Consequently, they love doing things like roughhousing along with watching TV together. During his spare time, Eric indulges in playing video games. “First person shooters and action games, preferably,” he says. Eric has accomplished both physical and mental challenges in his life. He endured living in Anchorage, Alaska for some time. Furthermore, he attended a formidable…show more content…
Eric has vast dreams of making money to travel the world with. Traveling has always been a favorite pastime of Eric. He's been in almost every state, and he's even going abroad to the Dominican Republic. To fund these travels, Eric has to make a lot of money. Due to this need, one of Eric's accomplishments is working two jobs. He states that he works two jobs because he can make more money that way. Also, because he works so much, Eric is never bored. Another one of Eric's accomplishments is that he earned a full ride scholarship through tough work and excellent grades. Eric's goals are to become a traveling nurse and see the world. A traveling nurse is Eric's dream because not only are the paid well, but they also get to travel and see new things all the time. This is a great cure for Eric’s wanderlust. He hopes to have a lot of stories to tell about his
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