Individual Job Redesign: An Analysis

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Individual Job Redesign Part I Introduction Since the 1980s, the food service industry has been going through a number of transitions. This is because of changes in consumer tastes and the kinds of products that are being purchased. What is happening is more affluent consumers are buying food that is health conscious (i.e. fish, fruits, vegetables and tea). While the middle class and lower income demographics of society, will have poor eating habits that are often focused on high fat, cholesterol and taste. This is creating a transformation in how restaurants are reaching out to consumers with the kinds of products and services they are providing. (Parsa, 2001, pp. 65 77) As a result, more is being asked of staff members with many employees expected to service customers and make deliveries simultaneously. To ensure that a restaurant is able to deal with these issues requires looking at: how the system of goal setting, performance / evaluation and rewards will have an impact on productivity. This will be accomplished by focusing on a number of objectives to include: major components of the position, how goals are utilized with this position and addressing the way the position could be designed to increase job satisfaction. Together, these different elements will provide the greatest insights as to how these issues are influencing employee motivation. Therefore, our thesis statement will concentrate on the challenges inside the industry and the kinds of tools that can be
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