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My Individual Results and Applications
Professor Gregory Gómez III
George Harike Sr.
Liberty University
May 3rd, 2015
I currently work for an aerospace company as a business unit manager. My daily tasks consist of scheduling the business to meet customer deliveries, ensuring production is on target, and measuring the performance of the business through production, quality and financial metrics. My organization consists of six salaried supervisors and one hundred fifty-two hourly associates.
Am I Introverted or Extraverted?
1. The purpose is to help me understand the extent of whether I am extroverted or introverted.
2. My actual score for the assessment was eighteen.
3. My
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2. My actual score had me ranging from high to low - Initiator (thirteen), Encourager (eight), Gatekeeper and Summarizer (seven), and Harmonizer (six).
3. The score indicates that I have a high tendency to set the goals for the team and facilitate the method of working on the goals.
4. This assessment shows me that I have a high tendency to take the leadership role in the team environment. The positive aspect is that I willingly accept a challenge and I will lead a team towards the accomplishment of the goals, but the other results of this assessment did show me that I need to improve in several areas. I see that because of my low tendency to encourage and harmonize, I may lose some of the team members as they may not share an important idea or concept and that the existence of some conflict that may not be held in check may intimidate other individuals from sharing. This could lead to a task that is not as successful as it could have been since I did not gather all of the information that I could have. I need to work on making sure that every individual that is on the team has an opportunity to share their ideas and feels that the team environment is a place where they can share without the fear of embarrassment or conflict. Another result of this assessment was that I saw that I scored low in the area of summarizer. At first I did not think that much of the
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