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Individual Learning 55 Question Form General Information 1. What is the name of your corporation? – Build-A-Bear Workshop 2. Where are the corporate headquarters? – St. Louis, Missouri 3. What is the corporation’s fiscal year end? – 12/31/2013 4. What are the primary products or services of the corporation? – The company sells approximately 30 different styles of animals that can be stuffed. They also sell clothes, shoes, and accessories for said animals. 5. Graph the high and low price of the company’s stock for each quarter of the last two years. What was the high and what was the low? – 8.84 and 3.22 6. Who is the company’s transfer agent and where are they located? – Bank of New York Mellon Shareowner Services located in…show more content…
28. What classes of stock does your company have? – Common stock and Preferred Stock 29. How many shares of each class of stock are authorized, how many are issued, and how many are outstanding? – Preferred Stock Authorized: 15,000,000 Issued: 0 (as of March 2013) Outstanding: 0 (as of March 2013) Common Stock Authorized: 50,000,000 Issued: 17,068,182 Outstanding: 17,394,761 30. Does your company have any treasury stock? How many shares and what dollar amount? – No. 31. What is the par or stated value of each of your company’s stocks? – Preferred Stock: $0.01 Common Stock: $0.01 Footnote Disclosures: 32. How many footnote disclosures does your company have? – 50 33. How many significant accounting policies are listed under its Summary of Significant Accounting Policies? – 26 34. What does it include as Cash and Cash Equivalents? – Cash and cash equivalents include cash and short-term highly liquid investments with an original maturity of three months or less held in both domestic and foreign financial institutions. 35. What method does it use to value Inventory? – Inventories are stated at the lower of cost or market, with cost determined on an average-cost basis. 36. What method(s) does it use to depreciate its assets? – NA 37. Does it have any leased assets? If yes, describe them. – Certain of the Company’s operating leases contain predetermined fixed escalations of minimum rentals during the original lease

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