Individual Organizational Philosophies and Technology

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As far as organizations are concerned, they regard technology as an important asset in the twenty-first century. Technology assists different organizations in a number of ways. In addition to this, the role played by technology in maintaining the ethical standards of organizations is highly appreciable. Due to this reason, besides using technology in the production and manufacturing processes, organizations also use technology in maintaining their rules and regulations (Conner & Clawson, 2004).
Technology has revolutionized the way of communication between people and it is one of the outstanding benefit due to which organizations incorporate technology in their routine functions. Technology enables fast communication between employees of every level and it let the employees aware about the guidelines of an organization. For maintaining the guidelines of an organization, it is essential that the employees should be aware about the rules and regulations. Besides this, technology also assists the top level management in communicating with the low and middle level management which in turn assist in delivering the day to day missions and goals of an organization.
It was reported by a number of researchers that the cause of failure in achieving the desired objectives is absence of communication in…
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