Individual Professional Development Plan: Human Services

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Individual Professional Development Plan: Human Services A career in social work or human services is similar in the duties and type of work environment. Both of these positions require a desire to help others in many ways. Human Services Assistants may help clients with special needs obtain the services that will help them to develop and improve their situation. Social workers are considered human services workers, only they typically perform more hands-on duties with clients (BLS, 2012a). A career in social and human services is a rewarding choice for those who have a strong desire to help others in need and who have a strong sense of community. The duties performed by social and human services workers are varied. They can work in a number of different fields including psychology, social work, rehabilitation, and support for families in need (BLS, 2012a). Often, they help to identify the needs of clients and help them obtain available benefits, community services, and programs. There are several other job categories that are closely related including rehabilitation counselors, psychiatric technicians, personal care aides, and eligibility interviewers for government programs (BLS, 2012a). I wish to pursue a career in the psychology and rehabilitation field of the human services category. This population is of great interest to me because of experiences with friends and family. I find this category of human services to be the most interesting and I have a strong desire
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